What is the number of registered domains?

6 Jun , 2017 Blog

What is the number of registered domains?

Domain registration is often described as a process of registering a unique domain name, which is used as identification of one or more unique IP addresses. We can all agree that it is easier to remember a name than a string of numbers. When the domain registration process became available in 1985, there were only a small number of individuals and organizations that have used this opportunity. Today, when there are millions of active Internet users, the situation is different. It seems that almost every individual wants to register domains because they have figured out how useful this registration can be. So, what is the number of registered domains?

According to some statistics, there are over 350 million registered domains in the world. Of course, this number is growing every day. For instance, there were about twelve million registered domain names in the first three months of 2016. This is an increase of about 4% compared to the previous year. Obviously, this trend is continuing, and some experts expect a growth of at least 3% this year. What is even more interesting is that the number of newly registered domain names is growing around the globe. This trend is especially present in third world countries where access to broadband Internet became available in the last couple of years.

Another thing that we should mention is that .com, as well as .net domain extensions, remain to be the most popular extensions. The number of searched for free domain names is growing too which is quite normal because as we said before people want to build their own websites. Without a domain name and without the registration process you can’t run a website on the internet.

When it comes to the actual names of these domains, we should highlight the fact that registrants are trying to incorporate keywords that match their businesses and interests in the domain names. This has proven to be excellent SEO tactics so there is no reason to avoid it. Additionally, the Internet is running out of short domain names and the latest trend is to create a website with two or even three words in it. These names can be viewed as longtail keywords.

The introduction of new extensions will increase the interest in registering domain names and some experts predict that their number can reach 500 million by 2019.

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